About Us



In 2011, Amy Mucha’s mother-in-law bought her a copy of Angie Dudley’s “Cake Pops” book, simply because the book contained instructions to make a koala cake pop (if you know Amy, you know that she’s obsessed with koalas). The koala cake pops were the starting point of making cake pops for friends and family for fun. However, when her kids Peter, Charlie, and Daisy came around, the cake pop hobby got pushed to the back burner.

Fast forward to 2016, and after an epic Pinterest fail of making Thanksgiving treats for her math students, Amy decided to try to redeem herself by making turkey cake pops. They were so well received that some friends suggested she sell them, and that’s when Daisy Cakes was born.

Made with love in Kent Ohio, Daisy Cakes hopes to bring deliciousness and delight to your party, event, or day at the market. We’re always dreaming up new creations, so check out our gallery and Instagram for the latest pops.


Our Team


Amy Mucha
Founder & Chief Baker

When she’s not rolling cake pops, you can find Amy teaching math to high schoolers, chasing her three adorable kids, or hosting parties with her other half, Nate.


Oliva Nitzsche
Social Media Expert & Assistant to the Chief Baker

Liv joined the team by accident when she kept hanging around the Mucha's house and they kept putting her to work. In addition to crafting cake pops alongside Amy, Liv runs social media, and is dang good at it.


Daisy Mucha
Namesake & Taste Tester

Daisy spends her days hanging with her brothers, and her evenings running quality control for Daisy Cakes. Her favorite cake pop design is the daisy (duh!)